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Batman Begins

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Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. Batman Begins tells the story anew, when Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) flees Western civilization following the murder of his parents.


Country:United States
Released:10th October 2006
Discs:1 disc
Runtime:140 minutes
MSRP:28.99 (USD)
Studio:Warner Brothers
Distributor:Warner Home Video


English, French, Spanish


EnglishDolby TrueHD5.1




In-move Experience: Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer And Others Reveal The Movie's Backstories As You Watch; Tankman Begins: A Batman Begins Spoof; Batman - The Journey Begins: Concept, Design And Development Of The Film As Well As The Casting Of Batman Himself; Shaping Mind And Body: Observe Christian Bale's Transformation Into Batman; Gotham City Rises: Witness The Creation Of Gotham City, The Batcave, Wayne Manor And More; Cape And Cowl: The Development Of The New Batsuit; Batman - The Tumbler: The Reinvention Of The Batmobile; Path To Discovery: A Look At The First Week Filming On Rugged And Remote Iceland Locations; Saving Gotham City: The Development Of Miniatures, CGI And Effects For The Monorail Chase Scene; Genesis Of The Bat: A Look At The Dark Knight's Incarnation And Influences On The Film; Reflections On Writing Batman Begins With David S. Goyer; Digital Batman: The Effects You May Have Missed; Batman Begins Stunts; Confidential Files: Discover Facts And Story Points Not In The Film; Stills Gallery; Theatrical Trailer

Submitted by kazper on 23rd October 2008
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