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Ultimate Matrix Collection (4-Disc Box Set)

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Country:United States
Released:22nd May 2007
Discs:4 discs
MSRP:119.99 (USD)
Studio:Warner Brothers
Distributor:Warner Home Video
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Written Introduction By The Wachowski Brothers; Commentaries By Philosphers - Dr. Cornel West And Ken Wilber, Crititcs - Todd Mccarthy, John Powers And David Thomson, Cast/Crew - Carrie-Ann Moss, Zach Staenberg And John Gaeta For The Matrix, Composer - Don Davis With Music-Only Track For The Matrix; Feature-Length Documentary - The Matrix Revisited; Behind The Matrix Documentary; 83 Featurettes Including The MTV Movie Awards Reloaded And 3D Evolutions Stills Gallery; The Music Revisited: 41-Track Audio Selection Of Nearly 3 Hours Of Music; Marilyn Manson's "Rock Is Dead" And P.O.D.'s "Sleeping Awake" Music Videos; Enter The Matrix: The Game Documentary; View 23 Live-Action Scenes Shot For The Video Game That Plug Into The Action Of The Matrix Reloaded; The Animatrix: 9 Short Films From Pioneering Animé Directors Exploring The World Of The Matrix Plus 3 Director Commentaries And 8 Documentaries, Including Scrolls To Screen: The History And Culture Of Animé; The Roots Of The Matrix: Historical, Philosphical And Technological Inspirations Are Explored In Insightful Documentaries; The Burly Man Chronicles: Probe The Society Of Actors, Craftspeople And Filmmakers Who Shaped The Movie Trilogy And Enter The Matrix Console Game, In A Feature-Length Documentary, Plus 21 Featurettes; The Zion Archive: Production Assets Developed For The Matrix Universe, Including Concept Art, Storyboards, Drawings, Music Videos, Music Rave Reel; Theatrical Trailers And TV Spots

Submitted by kazper on 23rd October 2008
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