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Quo Vadis

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Mervyn LeRoy's Hollywood epic recounts the sweeping saga of star-crossed lovers General Marcus Vinicius (Robert Taylor) and Lygia (Deborah Kerr). The smitten Marcus pursues Lygia, but to no avail. At the behest of Nero (Peter Ustinov), Lygia is given to Marcus, who makes it his mission to prove to her that his intentions are pure and true. But just as it seems love will prevail, Nero's atrocities threaten to destroy them and Rome forever.


Country:United States
Discs:1 disc
Runtime:171 minutes
MSRP:28.99 (USD)
Classification:G (MPAA - General Audiences)
Studio:Warner Brothers
Not yet rated!


EnglishDolby Digital1.0Mono




• Commentary by F. X. Feeney -Filmmaker/Writer Feeney explores the genesis of one of MGM's most glorious, grand-scale productions, a movie that took nearly twenty years to make and the one that helped launch the age of the 50's Hollywood epic blockbusters.
• In the Beginning: Quo Vadis and the Genesis of the Biblical Epic - Although filmmakers have always found inspiration in the Bible, no one ever quite made a movie like Quo Vadis, the definitive Roman spectacle and the production that launched the 50's into an arena of mega-blockbuster epics. This documentary walks the road as long and complex as the film itself, from its roots as a Nobel Peace Prize-winning bestseller to its various ground-breaking adaptations to its place as the most daring and lavish film that MGM, and Louis B. Mayer, dared to undertake.
• Theatrical Trailer
• Teaser Trailer


Robert Taylor, Peter Ustinov, Leo Genn, Deborah Kerr, Patricia Laffan


Mervyn LeRoyDirector
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