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Ultimate James Bond Collection: Sean Connery

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Released:6th August 2008
Discs:12 discs
Runtime:110 minutes
Studio:20th Century Fox
Distributor:20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Not yet rated!


16:91.78:1Enhanced WidescreenPAL


Overall Features:; Featurette: Inside Dr No; Featurette: Terence Young-bond Vivant; Featurette: 1963 Dr No Featurette; Tv Spots: 2; Booklet; Radio Spots: 6; Production Notes; Gallery-poster; Audio Commentary: Terence Young (director); Theatrical Trailer: 4; Features: Diamonds Are Forever (special Edition); Main Menu Audio & Animation; Featurette: Inside Diamonds Are Forever; Featurette: Cubby Broccoli-the Man Behind Bond; Audio Commentary: Guy Hamilton (dir) Et Al; Deleted Scenes; Trailer; Tv Spots; Radio Spots; Features: Dr. No; Features: From Russia With Love (special Edition); Featurette: Inside From Russia With Love; Featurette: Harry Saltzman: Showman; Audio Commentary: Terence Young (dir); Theatrical Trailer: 3; Tv Spots: 3; Radio Spots: 3; Gallery-photo; Features: Goldfinger: Special Edition; Featurette: The Making Of Goldfinger; Featurette: The Goldfinger Phenomenon; Audio Commentary: Guy Hamilton (director); Audio Commentary: Cast & Crew; Theatrical Trailer; Featurette; Audio Interview-cast: Sean Connery; Features: Thunderball: Special Edition; Featurette: Inside Thunderball; Featurette: The Thunderball Phenomenon; Featurette: The Making Of Thunderball; Audio Commentary: Terence Young (dir) Et Al; Audio Commentary: Peter Hunt, John Hopkins, Et Al; Trailer: 3; Tv Spots: 5; Radio Spots: 10; Gallery; Features: You Only Live Twice: Special Edition; Featurette: Inside You Only Live Twice-an Original Documentary; Featurette: Silhouettes-the James Bond Titles; Audio Commentary: Lewis Gilbert (director) Et Al; Storyboards: The Plane Crash; Trailer: 4; Radio Spots: 7

Submitted by dvdcount on 21st November 2008
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