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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

To view the answer to a particular question just click on the question and the answer will slide into view.

Note: The FAQ is still a work in progress.


What is DVDCount.com?

DVDCount.com is a fast, easy and free way to catalog your media collection online. The DVD, HD-DVD, BLU-RAY, UMD, LASERDISC and VCD formats are currently supported but additional formats can be added at anytime (eg: Video Games, Music CD's).

DVDCount.com is intended to be supported and improved by its community so all users have the ability to add new items and edit their submissions to make the database as complete as possible.

What are the minimum requirements?

The site has been designed for a minimum screen size of 1024x768. Javascript (AJAX) is used extensively so a compatible browser is required for proper operation. The site has been tested with Mozilla Firefox 3.5.x, Opera 9.6x, and Internet Explorer 8.0.

How To Use

How do I get started?

To get the most out of the site you will first need to register an account. Once registered you can start adding items to your collection by either browsing the item database, searching for specific items, or by importing an existing list.

How do I add an item to my collection?

Apart from importing an existing list of items, there are basically 2 ways to add items to your collection.

Method 1 - When browsing the item database you will notice a checkbox for each item. If you select this checkbox you can then add the selected items to any one of your lists by clicking which you will find at the bottom of each browse page. When adding items to your collection in this way default values will be used for your personal item info (eg: price paid, purchase location, etc).

Method 2 - When viewing a specific item's page you will see a toolbox at the top of the page. In this toolbox you are provided with a range of options that can be performed on the item. These options include the ability to add the item to any of your lists. When adding an item in this way you can enter your personal item info (eg: price paid, purchase location, etc) at the same time.

How do I edit my personal item info?

For each item in your collection there is the ability to store some additional personal information (eg: prices, dates, etc). There are 2 ways to edit this information.

Method 1 - While browsing your collection you will see at the bottom of each page. Select the items that you would like to edit the information of and then click this button. This method will only allow you to edit the information specific to the list you are browsing.

Method 2 - In the toolbox on each item's page you will see an icon titled EDIT INFO. When you click this icon you will be taken to a page that allows you to edit all the personal information related to this item from all the lists it appears in.

How do I browse my collection?

When logged in you will see a panel called USER BOX on the left of the screen. In this box there is a popup menu titled My Collection Links which when hovered over will present you with links to the different lists in your collection.

How is the site set up?

Registered users will notice the site is split into a public and private area. The public area is what is visible to all users who visit the site to view your collection. The private area on the other hand is only visible to you when you are logged in.

How to search the site?

The search box located under the title bar on the right of the page will automatically search the title, edition & barcode fields of the entire database. For more specific search abilities the advanced search page will allow you to manually select which fields to search.

How do I edit an item?

You can only edit your own item submissions and then only after they have been verified by a staff member. To edit an item go to the item's page and in your toolbox you will see an EDIT button. For all others items if you notice an error please submit a report on the item. The report link is found at the bottom right of the item's page.

What if I need more help?

On certain pages you will see this icon (Help). If you hover your mouse pointer over the icon you will be shown specific help for that page. Try it now!

Page Explanations

The Main Site

Every page is built from a template and certain information is visible at all times. The sections of interest visible on all pages are the title area at the top, the informational boxes on the left, and the footer at the bottom.

The title area contains the news ticker which displays various information about the site and its features, a local time display (if selected), navigational links which provide access to the most common areas of the site, and the global search box.

The left panel contains a quick login box (if not already logged in), your quick user box which shows various data about your account and links to the respective areas including the total number of items in your collection and their cost, the number of item submissions you've made and the percentage of the total items on the site, and links to your inbox, friends and reviews. The left panel also includes a popular search tag cloud, a link to a random item and user if you feel like looking at something other than your own collection.

The footer area contains the obligatory copyright information, more navigational links to other areas of the site, and a display of the number of users online.

Your Public Page

Your public page is the page visible to other users of the site, both members & guests. If it is set to Private it will be inaccessible to everyone except yourself in which case (Private) will appear in the page heading to remind you.

The two boxes entitled Details and Quick Stats appear by default but the other information is optional and can be shown or hidden depending on your public settings.


How do the item thumbnails work?

When an image is uploaded it is automatically converted into 3 sizes (small, medium, & large). The small thumbnail is used for listings, the medium is used for the item page and if the uploaded image is larger than 200x300 pixels the large size will be used for the enlarge option on the item page.

Why was my item submission rejected?

Before rejecting an item, an attempt to verify each submission will be made by the staff and obvious errors such as typo's or missing info will be amended and sometimes you may be contacted to confirm the exact item you are submitting.

That being said, if an item submission is rejected you will be given a reason. The reason may be one of the following:

  • Invalid Barcode - The barcode is obviously incorrect. If the item does not have a barcode just leave the field blank. Please don't enter ficticious barcodes.
  • Item Already Exists - The item already exists in the database. Please do a search for the item before making a submission. If you believe the existing item has an error please submit a report.
  • Duplicate Submission - Another user has submitted the same item but it has yet to be verified and so is not visible.
  • Insufficient Information - Your submission did not contain enough information to specifically identify it.
  • Requested By User - You requested the item submission be removed or after discussion with a staff member are aware of the removal.
  • Other Reason - Another reason not listed.

Please don't feel discouraged if your submission was rejected. One of the most regular concerns I received via feedback was about the existence of ficticious items so with the new version of the site we will be trying harder to keep the database free of errors.

Why was my cover submission rejected?

A cover submission may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • It has a watermark from another site.
  • It is of very poor quality or too small for use on the site.
  • It depicts the wrong version of the item (eg: different region, format or edition).
  • It has excessive white space around the image which would require manual editing.

Please feel free to submit another cover image for the same item if you find a better copy.

Why did my item submission die?

When a staff member has a concern about a particular item it may be marked as 'dead' which will hide it from the general users. You may be contacted in regards to this concern or the staff member may address the concern themselves. You will be unable to view or edit the item until it is made live again.


What is the development status of the site?

A site like this is technically always in development. I am always coming up with new ideas or finding small bugs so I have implemented a simple bug tracker which will show all the bugs, issues or features that are known and at what stage of implementation they are.

Before submitting any bug reports or feature requests have a look at the bug tracker to see whether your issue is already known and what I plan to do about it.

Can I suggest a feature for the site?

Of course you can. If you are a guest you can submit your idea via the contact form or if you are a member you can message me (kazper) directly and I will evaluate its feasibility and try my best to implement it.

What development tools are used?

The site was written from scratch using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 code editor with graphic design done in Adobe Photoshop v9.x.

Various other tools were used including FastStone Image Viewer v3.9, NFOpad v1.54, phpMyAdmin v2.11.9.4, and MYSQL Query Browser v1.2.17.


Thanks go to...

Michael's Movie Mayhem & HomeTheaterInfo.com - A large portion of our Region 1 items were imported from the "Downloadable list of Region 1 DVDs" from HomeTheaterInfo.com and we appreciate the effort that goes into maintaining this list.