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The Middleman: The Complete Series - 826663113181

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The Middleman: The Complete Series

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Country:United States
Released:28th July 2009
Discs:4 discs
Runtime:540 minutes
MSRP:34.99 (USD)


"The world really is like comic books... " by coyoteblue on 21st May 2010

The world really is like comic books and the only thing between us and larger than life mayhem is the Middleman.

Another great series gone too soon, thanks to short sighted tv executives. It joins the ranks of Pushing Daisies, Firefly, Brimstone and too many others to list as sadly missed cult classics.

The book/movie/tv/biographical references fly fast and furious. You have to keep on your toes while watching. It's fun. Pure escapism. No over-exposed over-wrought teen angst, no sitcom foolishness (plenty of silliness, though) and it wasn't another police procedural or hospital show. You want a good time, this is a good time. Vampire puppets, trout zombies, boy band galactic over-lords, what more could you ask for? And the cherry on top is that the season/series finale is a practically perfect episode of tv (yes, I would rank it in the same class as Hush). Totally worth adding to anyone's collection.

Submitted by mrmojo on 29th July 2009
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