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2012 (Two-Disc Special Edition)

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Centuries ago, the Mayans left us their calendar, with a clear end date and all that it implies. Since then, astrologists have discovered it, numerologists have found patterns that predict it, geologists say the earth is overdue for it, and even government scientists cannot deny the cataclysm of epic proportions that awaits the earth in 2012. A prophecy that began with the Mayans has now been well-chronicled, discussed, taken apart and examined. By 2012, we'll know we were warned...


Country:United States
Released:2nd March 2010
Discs:2 discs
Runtime:158 minutes
MSRP:39.95 (USD)
Classification:PG-13 (MPAA - Parents Strongly Cautioned)
Studio:Sony Pictures
Not yet rated!

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing



EnglishDTS-HD MA5.1
FrenchDTS-HD MA5.1




• movieIQ
• Picture-in-Picture: Roland’s Vision (BD Exclusive) – Includes pre-visualization, storyboards and behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with filmmakers, cast and crew
• Commentary with Writer/Director Roland Emmerich & Co-Writer Harald Kloser
• Alternate Ending
• Interactive Mayan Calendar (BD Exclusive) – Enter a date to reveal your horoscope and personality profile
• Mysteries of the Mayan Calendar featurette
• Designing the End of the World featurette
• Roland Emmerich: Master of the Modern Epic featurette
• Science Behind the Destruction featurette
• The End of the World: The Actor’s Perspective featurette
• Deleted Scenes
• Countdown to the Future
• "Time For Miracles" Music Video by Adam Lambert
• Making the Music Video "Time For Miracles" with Adam Lambert
• Digital Copy for PSP – included on the Blu-ray and transferable via the PlayStation®3
• Digital Copy for iTunes and PC

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