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Ultimate James Bond Collection: Roger Moore

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Roger Moo7re Is James Bond

Roger Moo7re Is James Bond


Released:6th August 2008
Discs:14 discs
Runtime:121 minutes
Studio:20th Century Fox
Distributor:20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Not yet rated!


16:91.78:1Enhanced WidescreenPAL


Overall Features:; Audio Commentary: Guy Hamilton (director) Et Al; Featurette: Inside Live And Let Die; Featurette: Behind-the-scenes; Theatrical Trailer; Tv Spots; Radio Spots; Gallery-photo; Booklet; Features: For Your Eyes Only (special Edition); Main Menu Audio & Animation; Featurette: Inside For Your Eyes Only; Audio Commentary: John Glen (director) Et Al; Audio Commentary: Michael G. Wilson (executive Producer) Et Al; Theatrical Trailer: 4; Radio Spots: 2; Music Video: For Your Eyes Only-sheena Easton; Storyboard Comparisons: The Snow Mobile Chase; Storyboard Comparisons: Retrieving The Atac; Features: Live And Let Die; Features: Man With The Golden Gun, The (special Edition); Featurette: Inside The Man With The Golden Gun; Featurette: Double-0 Stuntmen; Trailer: 2; Tv Spots: 2; Radio Spots: 3; Features: Moonraker (special Edition); Featurette: Inside Moonraker; Featurette: The Men Behind The Mayhem-the Sfx Of James Bond; Audio Commentary: Lewis Gilbert (director) Et Al; Features: Octopussy (special Edition); Main Menu Introduction; Featurette: Inside Octopussy (dd2.0, 4:3, 33:08 Minutes); Featurette: Designing Bond-peter Lamont (dd2.0, 4:3, 20:59 Minutes); Audio Commentary: John Glen (director); Storyboards: The Taxi Chase, Bond Rescues Octopussy (dd2.0, 4:3, 6:54); Music Video: All Time High (dd2.0, 2.00:1, 4x3, 3:07 Minutes); Trailer: 4; Features: Spy Who Loved Me, The (special Edition); Featurette: Inside The Spy Who Loved Me; Featurette: Ken Adam: Designing Bond; Trailer: 3; Tv Spots: 6; Radio Spots: 12; Features: View To A Kill, A (special Edition); Featurette: Inside A View To A Kill (dd2.0, 4:3, 37:26 Minutes); Featurette: The Bond Sound-the Music Of James Bond (dd2.0, 4:3, 21:37); Music Video: A View To A Kill (dd2.0, 1.85:1, 4:31 Minutes); Deleted Scenes: The Paris Police Station (dd2.0, 2.35:1, 0:55 Minutes); Trailer: 3 (dd2.0, 5:39 Minutes); Tv Spots: 4 (dd2.0, 4:3, 2:00 Minutes)

Submitted by dvdcount on 21st November 2008
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