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Children Of Men (HD/DVD Combo) - 025193003324

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Children Of Men (HD/DVD Combo)

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Action-packed story is set in a dystopian England where humanity has become infertile (the last baby was born in 2009), immigration is a crime, refugees (or "fugees") are caged like animals, and the world has been torn apart by nuclear fallout, rampant terrorism, and political rebellion. In this seemingly hopeless landscape of hardscrabble survival, a jaded bureaucrat named Theo (Clive Owen) is drawn into a desperate struggle to deliver Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey), the world's only pregnant woman, to a secret group called the Human Project that hopes to discover a cure for global infertility. As they carefully navigate between the battling forces of military police and a pro-immigration insurgency, Theo, Kee, and their secretive allies endure a death-defying ordeal of urban warfare.


Country:United States
Released:27th March 2007
Discs:1 disc
Runtime:110 minutes
MSRP:29.98 (USD)


English, French, Spanish


EnglishDolby Digital Plus5.1
FrenchDolby Digital Plus5.1
SpanishDolby Digital Plus5.1




The Possiblitiy Of Hope; Alfonso Cuarión's Documentary On How The Revolutionary Themes In Children Of Men Relate To Our Modern-Day Society; Under Attack Discover How The Filmmakers Created The Film's Most Dangerous Scenes; Children Of Men Comments By Slavioj Zizek; Deleted Scenes; Theo & Julian Get The Inside Sotry From Clive Owen And Julianne Moore; Futuristic Design From Concept To Creation, See How Director Alfonso Cuarón's Dynamic Vision Of The Future Was Brought To Life; And More!

Submitted by dvdcount on 25th October 2008
Last updated by mrblue on 25th September 2009 at 12:34pm (update history)
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