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Hillary Swank stars as Katherine, a "miracle-busting" professor of something "Religion?" at Louisiana State University. A former Christian, she's lost her way since the death of her family on a mission trip to Africa, and now devotes her time to scientifically explaining away miracles, both those told of in the Bible as well as those events that seem a miracle in contemporary times. After one of her classes, she is confronted by a man who wants her to come to the small town of Haven, Louisiana, where he believes the first of the ten Biblical plagues, a river turning to blood, has occurred. She reluctantly agrees to go, traveling with her assistant Ben (Idris Elba), a stalwart Christian who's life changed after being shot multiple times. It seems the residents of Haven are blaming a family who lives isolated from the rest of the town for what's happening, singling out their daughter, Loren (AnnaSophia Robb), and proclaiming the family to be devil worshipers. As more of the ten plagues befall the sleepy town, Katherine must come to terms with her lack of faith as she struggles to scientifically explain what's happening and ultimately comes face-to-face with the truth behind what's plaguing the town.


Country:United States
Released:16th October 2007
Discs:1 disc
Runtime:99 minutes
MSRP:34.99 (USD)
Studio:Warner Brothers
Not yet rated!


Chinese, English, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish


EnglishDolby TrueHD5.1
EnglishDolby Digital5.1
FrenchDolby Digital5.1
SpanishDolby Digital5.1


1080p16:92.35:1WidescreenVideo codec: VC-1


Behind the Scenes/Featurette

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